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After Decades of Experience We Combine Wisdom with Horsepower

Founder's Statement

Every corner of the globe is pressured to reinvent itself. Level 5 Partners was founded to transform executive search.

Executive Search And Placement

Transforming Executive Search

“As the Founder and Managing Partner of Level 5 Partners, and as a leader with 20 years of experience in various human resource and talent acquisition executive roles, I have developed a strong set of principles that guide me through my personal and professional life. My success as a leader is defined by my honesty and integrity, respect for others and my commitment to excellence.

I lead by example. Achieving the most from my team is done by demonstrating in myself those qualities I hope to see in them. I believe in responsibility, accountability and mutual respect. 

At Level 5 Partners, we strive to provide our clients with talent solutions to their toughest hiring challenges.”

Thomas Aprill

Executive Search and Placement

It’s time to revisit your leadership search strategy.

Executive Search and Placement

Consulting Driven Approach

Beginning with the first immersive engagement with Level 5 Partners, our clients find themselves intellectually aligned with a peer from their respective industry. Our Industry Vertical Advisors will challenge your thinking and present competitive ideas for your executive search. We will consult on the “5 W’s” (Who, What, When, Where and Why) and we will create a plan to take you from project launch to executive onboarding and beyond.

Our Industry Vertical Advisors lead all aspects of client engagements and candidate recruitment, assessment and onboarding. Unlike larger recruitment firms, we have no restrictions on candidates and firms we can source from.

Level 5 Partners is organized to execute client mandates globally. 

Research and executive on boarding

Executives should expect exceptional results before the engagement begins.

Research And Executive On Boarding

Consulting-Driven Approach

We have established a network of specialized, Industry Vertical Advisors who act as an extension of our clients’ teams to understand market dynamics, competitive landscape, key industry trends and who identify and recruit industry leading executives to support long-term business strategy. Prior to presenting any candidates for client review, we conduct an in-depth review to ensure actionability, qualification and we utilize industry contacts and other due diligence sources to confirm our initial assessments. We also comprehensive pre-employment screening and background check services.

From onboarding to leadership integration planning, L5 Partners continues to support clients and candidates post-offer and hiring to ensure long-term success and to optimize long-term value creation.

strategic partners and alliances

Employee Research

221B Partners is a Chicago-based boutique research consultancy with decades of experience supporting the evaluation of hiring decisions at the senior leadership, board, and C suite level. 221B Partners also conducts investigations in anticipation of, or response to, critical events impacting executives, security and human resources professionals, private equity and hedge funds, family offices, and other clients. Our strategic partnership with Level 5 Partners is built on a shared vision of supporting our clients with best-in-class industry expertise that informs and drives their critical decisions.


Social Distancing and Traceability

The Modjoul wearable is a dynamic solution using artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce workplace injury risk. Onsite, Modjoul uses the wearable to capture data including ergonomics, forklift driving and employee proximity. This data is displayed on a web dashboard and our mobile app so supervisors and employees can easily interpret data insights.  Modjoul has partnered with Level 5 to bring workplace solutions and insights to our mutual clients. Those insights help our clients reduce operational risk and employee injury.


Women in Leadership

Meiava is a platform to help women achieve their work and life goals. We bring together a virtual global community of working women to inspire conversations on work life integration and create meaningful connections. Meiava supports companies to enhance the growth experience for women throughout their career journey. Together with Level 5 Partners and Meiava, we:

  • Identify talented women and diverse candidates, connecting them to amazing career opportunities.
  • Help clients to broaden their aperture to identify and onboard women and diverse candidates into strategic leadership roles.
  • Deliver actionable insights on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.


Leader OnBoarding

Leader OnBoarding (“LOB”) is a consulting firm that manages risk associated with new leader selection and transition – accelerating executive performance and increasing retention. When engaging Leader OnBoardings Ph.D.’s, you will immediately recognize the enhanced onboarding experience with multi-level interaction between the new hire and the existing leadership team. This experience will reduce integration challenges while increasing productivity and work output. For over twenty years, LOB’s proprietary methodology and feedback tools have generated immediate and enduring results, leading to improved executive performance and increased KPI’s at all levels.