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Kenneth Parker

Industry Vertical Advisor, Business and Professional Services

Ken Parker is an Industry Vertical Advisor for the Business Services practice. Ken is a highly experienced senior executive in the Financial Services and Technology industries. He is a proven technologist with a deep business, technology, and operations background; over forty years of experience specializing in all aspects of Retail and Commercial Banking and Wealth/Investment Management. Ken has been an agent of change working at national and international banking and securities firms driving business and technology transformation, enhancing strategic performance, and improving operational efficiency. Ken was instrumental in working with major regulatory groups, including the FDIC and US Treasury navigating through the financial crisis of 2007-2011, helping to restore confidence in America’s financial and economic foundation.    


Ken served as Chief Information Officer and Business Unit Executive at three major Banking organizations and in several key Industry Board positions. He has also held Partner/Managing Director roles at three of the top five global consulting firms. Most recently, Ken was responsible for running the $6B Banking and Capital Markets business for Microsoft. 

Ken currently spends his time serving as a Board Member for several Fintech firms and as an Executive Advisor to the FSI community.  

Ken is an Alumni of the University of North Carolina. He holds a BA, MPA, and Ph.D. in Business.

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